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Vitakraft Kracker Honey and Sesame Small 60g

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A delicious, premium treat specifically formulated for budgies, the Vitakraft Kracker Sticks Honey & Sesame are delicious flavoured, crunchy treats sticks for birds.Triple baked to perfection for added strength and intense flavour, the Vitakraft Kracker Honey & Sesame contain quality, tasty ingredients including honey, cereals, seeds and added vitamins formed onto a natural wooden stick for ease of feeding.

Helping to keep your birds beak trim and alleviating boredom by keeping your bird occupied, Vitakraft Kracker Sticks are enriched with delicious Honey & Sesame for a taste sensation like no other.

Enriched with vitamin and minerals, the Vitakraft Kracker Honey & Sesame ensure great tasting, nutritious treats birds love, and come complete with a handy cage clip so your budgie treat stick can be easily clipped and conveniently directed onto your birds cage.

Specially formulated and perfectly sized for budgies
With healthy vitamins and minerals to promote health and vitality
Triple baked on a natural wooden stick
Full on flavour, with a delicious crunchy texture
Comes with a handy cage clip for ease of attachment
Sugar free recipe