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VetIQ Stool Repel Coprophagia Remedy 30 tablets

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Built on research and development into the wellbeing of animals, the product offering encompasses a broad spectrum of naturally based over the counter healthcare solutions formulated in response to consumer demand and driven by a philosophy of prevention rather than cure.

Coprophagia is a behavioural condition with puppies and dogs consuming their own faeces, it is a common habit and can be distressful for the pet owner and unhygienic for the pet.

VetIQ Stool Repel tablets have been specially formulated to help deter this behaviour by making the dogs own stool unpalatable to eat.

VetIQ Stool Repel contains Oleoresin Capsicum, a lachrymatory agent, which deters a puppy or dog from eating its own stool by causing a mild irritation to the eyes and a mild burning sensation if the stool is eaten.

It also contains the enzyme, Alpha-Amylase which breaks down starches, improving the animal's digestive performance.

VetIQ Stool Repel functions within the intestine by making your dog's stool less tasty, therefore, it will not deter dogs from eating other dogs stool.

Suitable for dogs and puppies from 12 weeks old