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Tabby Chic Catnip Mouse

Regular price £2.69

Whenever you think of a cat toy you instinctively think of a mouse, that traditional foe of all cats. With this Happy Pet Tabby Chic Catnip Mouse you can give your mouser a toy that will keep them happy for hours.
This cute little fellow is made from soft fabric and plush, and his fine feather tail will wave and sway around and your cat hunts, and bats, his hapless victim. As if the patchwork colour scheme and cute face wasn’t enticing enough, this little mouse has an ace up it’s sleeve. The body contains premium catnip, which will drive your already excited puss to new levels of ecstasy.

Soft body is kind to teeth.
Shabby chic style.
Includes catnip.

Cats love to hunt and play, and this Tabby Chic Catnip Mouse will keep them active and entertained. Use it for a variety of exciting games: throw, chase and catch being just a few that you can come up with. Your only problem might be getting the mouse back off your mini-tiger.