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Supercoat All Weather Dog Coat For Whippets 16" Blue

Regular price £12.99

Water-resistant whippet rain coat. A hi-tech microfiber water-resistant fabric makes up the outer shell which is lined with a thick, warm cream-coloured Sherpa acrylic fur lining. Being microfiber as opposed to most cheap whippet coats, this coat has anti-rustle properties and a super luxurious feel.

The coat is made in two halves which allows for contouring to accurately fit the curved shape of a whippet's back. This coat has a sewn chest so the coat is simply slipped over the dogs head then fastened around the waist - this makes sure the coat will not come open. This really is a quality coat at a price that can't be beaten on value for money and, what's more, it is exclusive to us. This coat is breathable and warm. The Micro-Guard microfiber fabric is a brand new hi-tech, multi-weather fabric that is revolutionary in its structure as well as its performance. Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Available in blue at the size of 16", as measured from the base of the neck to the dog's tail.