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Split Peanuts Loose Feed

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Split peanuts (the inside of peanuts after removal of the shell) that are great for feeding to all wild birds, providing them with essential fat.

This food is sold loosely in bags of either: 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 12.5kg, or 25kg.

Usage – Food for Wild Birds 

Food Type – Complimentary 

Composition – Peanuts - aflatoxin tested 

Instructions – Serve in mesh feeders is recommended or mix with other wild bird mixes and serve in suitable feeder. 


  • Rich in fat, protein and fibre, and split for an easier meal. Not having to break up the peanuts means your feathered friends can get their meal quicker and means that smaller birds can get the oil-rich energy-hit too, provided the peanuts are offered in a wire mesh feeder. 
  • Split aflatoxin tested peanuts is ideal for all manner of birds, but especially greenfinches, tits and sparrows. This energy efficient snack is suitable for all year round feeding. In the summer it gives a well needed energy boost to parents rearing their young, while in the winter, it helps all manner of birds as their naturally occurring foods tend to be harder to come by. 
  • What is aflatoxin? 
  • Aflatoxins are a poisonous carcinogen that is harmful to birds, as well as humans. The term ‘aflatoxin’ is derived from the mould which produces it, namely, aspergillus flavus. These moulds usually develop in agricultural crops such as peanuts and other grains. 
  • The mould grows between the skin and the kernel and will be more likely to occur in cheaper nuts which haven’t been processed correctly or stored properly. High moisture and high temperatures are more likely to encourage the moulds to grow. 
  • Why is it bad for birds? 
  • Aflatoxins affect the liver in particular, and in birds it doesn’t take long for the carcinogen to take effect. The term ‘aflatoxin’ was coined in the 1960s after a particular outbreak among turkeys in the UK, which had been known as ‘turkey X disease’. The birds were fed contaminated corn, and roughly 100,000 of them died as a result. Aflatoxin is the most poisonous mycotoxin, because it carries a significant risk for kidney and liver cancer.