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Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Beef 85g

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High quality adult cat food providing complete nutrition for your feline companion

A deluxe medley of tender cat food pieces in a delicious gravy

85g cat food tray gently prepared, with a delicious flavour that cat's love

Delicious pet food made from select ingredients and certified sustainable fish

Quality cat food recipes made with no artificial colours or preservatives

A deluxe medley of tender pieces in a delicious gravy. Exceptional pet food to keep your feline friend pawing at your feet for more. Available in 85g cat food trays

At Sheba we understand your feline friend's desire for high quality cat food and well-crafted recipes. Sheba has designed a collection of superior pet food, with delicious recipes, making feeding your cat a pleasure every time. You'll have them purring and pawing for more.

Sheba® high quality adult cat food and well crafted recipes

100% Complete and Balanced pet food

Sheba Select Slices luxury wet cat food for adult cats

85g Premium cat food trays with beef in gravy

Cat food contains no artificial colours or preservatives