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Royal Canin Mother & Babycat 400g

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The growth phase lasts about 12 months for kittens and is a highly sensitive life phase. Between the age of 1 to 4 months, kittens have certain nutritional requirements that need to be considered. Growing kittens then enter the withdrawal phase when a new diet is introduced.
  • Whilst your kitten gradually loses its ability to digest lactose, its capacity to digest starch steadily increases.
  • When your kitten's immune system starts to develop of its own accord, the immune protection provided by antibodies in the mother's milk gradually decreases.
  • By the second or third month, the deciduous teeth will have grown into place, whilst the adult teeth start forming after the fourth month.

Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat Food was devised to meet the nutritional requirements of kittens aged between 1 and 4 months and gestating & lactating queens:

  • Development of immuno-defense: A patented, synergistic antioxidant complex (Vitamin E & C, Taurin and Lutein) and mannan-oligosaccharide support the development of your kitten's immune system.
  • Especially easy withdrawal: Small, chewable kibble allows an easy transition from break milk to solid food. Its soft texture is perfect for the baby teeth of kittens
  • Optimal digestive support: Thanks to its highly digestible protein Mother & Babycat reduces the amount of undigested, unused nutrients to be excreted. Fructo-Oligosaccharide, dried beat pulp, and EPA/DHA support a regular metabolism.