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Purina Dentalife Oral Care Sticks For Medium Dogs 115g

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Your dog's healthy gums and clean teeth contribute positively towards their general wellbeing. Bacteria associated with poor dog dental care can cause pain, discomfort and disease, meaning that your dog could struggle to eat or even enjoy playing fetch anymore – making a very unhappy pet! Bad breath caused by dental diseases will also make your dog less pleasant to be around, which is bad news for you too. What’s even worse is that if left untreated, poor oral hygiene could lead to health problems that can potentially cause damage to your dog's kidneys, heart and other organs.

We understand that as a loving owner you’ll want to avoid these issues at all costs and keep your dog as happy and as healthy as possible.

A daily canine dental care routine will not only help to keep your dog healthy and happy but also avoid any extra trips to the vets, which should be good news for both you and your pet!

The first step to a healthy, and therefore happy, dog is Purina® DentaLife®. Purina® DentaLife®is a new innovation in dog dental care. Our dental sticks have a chewy, porous texture and unique ridged design that has been scientifically proven to help scrub even hard-to-reach teeth. Its tasty chicken flavour also makes PURINA DENTALIFE™ a tasty treat for your dog, cleaning deeply as they chew.

Like you, it’s best if your dog’s teeth are cleaned every day as bacteria and tartar starts to develop quickly if not treated. Give your dog Purina® DentaLife® every day – the more time they spend chewing, the more time they’re cleaning their teeth.

Most suitable for Dogs weighing between 12 and 25kg. One bag contains 5 sticks.