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Purina Pro Plan Housecat Chicken 3kg

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PRO PLAN House Cat is a scrumptious chicken recipe, nutritionally optimised to care for cats living indoors. Indoor cats may get a lot of fuss, but they are also prone to suffer from excessive hairball formation as a result of increased malting and grooming, and their lower activity levels can make them more susceptible to putting on weight. With PRO PLAN’s unique Hairball Control formula, a careful blend of dietary fibres catch your cat’s hair in the stomach, preventing it from clumping together and moving it safely through the intestine.

To further promote a healthy digestive system, PRO PLAN's low fat House Cat recipe contains chicory, a natural pre-biotic which supports the balance of friendly bacteria in your cat’s stomach, helping to curb litter box odours. Working just as hard on the outside as well as in, the crunchy kibbles help to fight tartar and plaque build up on the teeth by as much as 40%, and are loaded with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids as well as zinc and copper to nurture healthy skin and a silky, lustrous coat!