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Purina Pro Plan All Size Light Sterilised Adult 3kg

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PRO PLAN All Size Adult Light / Sterilised can provide a balanced, nutritional diet helping to promote a healthy, happy and active life for your dog. Formulated with only 9% fat to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs of any breed size that are prone to weight gain.

As it gains weight, a dog will have to struggle more to move around, causing strains on his joints and muscles, and making him more prone to injury and lameness. When it is more difficult for him to move around, he will become less active and tend to sleep more. And less exercise means it is easier to gain more weight. By keeping your dog's weight at a normal level, therefore, you will help him stay in peak condition and enjoy an active life and be happier and healthier for longer. Pro Plan Light with chicken contains additional rice and egg - easily digestible ingredients for sensitive stomachs.

High protein, low fat formula. 45% less fat on average compared to PRO PLAN Adult formulas. Proven to help reduce body weight by 16% in just 12 weeks, while maintaining lean body mass.

Contains long chain Omega 3 fatty acids, to help support joint health and encourage mobility of overweight dogs. May help to reduce heart stress while walking and at rest.

High protein content, complex carbohydrates and adequate levels of fibre, to help promote a sense of fullness.