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Pointer Charcoal Cobbs

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Pointer Charcoal Cobbs.

Usage – Treats for dogs 

Food Type – Complementary 

Composition – Cereals, Minerals, and Natural Charcoal. 

Instructions – Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks. We recommend giving your dog no more than 10% of its daily calories as treats 


Instructions –  

There's no rule about how often you can dole them out, as long as you limit treats to 10% of their daily calories. Some owners choose to give one large biscuit each day. Others give a handful of kibbles (perhaps 20 or 30 pieces) over the course of the day, one or two pieces at a time. Giving no treats is fine, too 


Charcoal Cobs from Pointer are crunchy, oven baked biscuit. Created in the traditional way using only the best raw materials. 



Cereals, Minerals, and Natural Charcoal. 


  • Protein - 11.0% 
  • Oil - 2.0% 
  • Fibre - 1.5% 
  • Ash - 4.5%