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Pedigree Complete Vital Protection Chicken & Veg 2.6kg

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A complete dry dog food from the UK's most popular brand. Developed with vets the Pedigree Complete range contains a special blend of natural oils, essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres that will help build strong natural defences in your dog. No wonder top breeders recommend it.

Also with Fortivil - a special formulation of vitamins, minerals, oils and fibre which actively contributes to a shiny coat, healthy skin, excellent digestion and strong natural defences.

Good for you no matter the size of your dog:

Adult Small Dog:
1. Selected dietary fibres help support good gut health.
2. Balanced levels of energy and fat help keep dog in good shape.
3. Smaller kibbles to encourage chewing and keep teeth & gums healthy.

Adult Medium Dog:
1. Linoleic acid, minerals and biotin helps add sheen to coat, vitamin E to maintain healthy skin cells
2. High quality protein helps develop muscle tissue.
3. Antioxidants help maintain natural defences

Adult Large Dog
1. Contains glucosamine and Omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain healthy joint cartilage.
2. Antioxidants help maintain natural defences.
3. Larger kibbles to encourage chewing and keep teeth & gums healthy.