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Pac-a-Yap Sun Waterproof Dog Coat

Regular price £15.49

YAP strongly believe that your best friend deserves the ultimate in quality and style, which is why they have created this designer range of coats and lifestyle accessories.

Hand made with the finest materials provides style
warmth and comfort for your dog
Zipped back pocket for the essential treat storage!
Accompanying storage pouch when not in use.
Velcro fastening.
Drawstring toggle.
Resists rain and wind chill.
Easy to clean wash at 30ºc.

Approximate Measurement: 11 inches.

To find the correct size for your dog Simply measure your dog from the back of the neck to the base of the tail, then select the nearest size.

Available in Sun Yellow or Fuchsia Pink (search on our site). Sun Yellow is available at the size of 11", as measured from neck to tail.