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Own High Energy Seed Mix

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This mix is similar to our Wild Bird Mix, our own mix designed to attract and feed a wide variety of wild birds. In this mix, however, we have removed the black sunflower seeds, making a perfect mix for birds that like to pick them out, and creating a mix with a higher energy content and little wastage. Also more suitable for smaller beaked birds.

This mix contains:

This food is sold loosely in bags of either: 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, or 20kg.

Usage – Wild Bird Seed 

Food Type – Complimentary 

Composition – Peanut granules, pinhead oatmeal, maize grits, plain canary, and budgie millet 

Instructions – Best put in bird feeders or on the ground 


Wasted food can also attract vermin such as rats and mice. That’s why we love our Premium No Mess Wild Bird Feed. With the husk of the seed removed, your local wild birds will only get access to the juicy proteins and oils they love.