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Nyger Seed Loose Feed

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Nyger seed are perfect for feeding and attracting small wild birds, especially birds of the tit familly (bluetits, coaltits e.c.t) and finches (such as the Chaffinch). 

This food is sold loosely in bags of either: 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 15kg, or 25kg.

Usage – Suitable for small beaked wild birds 

Food Type – Complimentary 

Composition –Nyger Seed 

Instructions – You will need a Nyger seed feeder for this item 


Rich in oil and highly nutritious, these Niger Seeds are the ideal way of helping the small birds in your local area thrive and survive. 
Bird species that typically enjoy nyger seeds include: Goldfinch, Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls (if you’re lucky!) and other small birds. 
What are Nyger Seeds? 
Niger seed (often called Nyger Seed or Nyjer Seed) is a type of seed that comes from an African yellow daisy. Because of their rich oil content, they are often referred to as the “burger of the bird world”. 
Why are Nyger Seeds good for birds? 
Niger seeds are high in healthy oils, proteins and fibre, making them an ideal source of energy for the feathered friends visiting your garden. Further benefits include: 
- Soft skin husk, making it easy for small birds to peck at the goodness beneath 
- High in fat, making it an ideal winter feed when birds need to pack on the pounds 
- The tiny size of the seed gives smaller birds a competitive advantage