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Norfolk Gold

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Ingredients: meat pellets containing meat and animal derivatives, wholewheat, vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins, cooked flaked corn, cooked flaked wheat, cereral extract coating, terrier biscuit, dried meat, cooked flaked peas, coloured buscuits and oils.

Analysis: Protein 21% Oil 7.5% Fibre 2.5% Ash 7.5%.

Norfolk Gold 
Usage - This product is only suitable for dogs. 
Feed type: Complete 
Meat Pellets containing meat and meat derivatives, Whole Wheat, Vitamins & Minerals, Vegetable Protein, Cooked Flaked Corn, Cooked Flaked Wheat, Cereal Extract Coating, Terrier Biscuit, Dried Meat, Cooked Flaked Peas, Cooked Biscuit & Oils 
Recommended Feeding Guide 

Weight (kg) 

Grams per day 

Up to 10kg 






10- 25kg  

125g to 315g 





25kg plus 

315g plus