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Natutre First Pinecone Surprise Bird Toy

Regular price £12.99

This Pine Cone Surprise Natural Parrot Toy is made from all natural, safe and fun materials for your large bird to get their beak into.

Inside the bamboo barrel, secured to a length of metal chain which runs through the centre of the toy for added strength and durability, are pine cones and lengths of husker roll.

You can easily fill the chamber with more materials, such as crinkled paper and then hide your Parrot's food and treats inside. Your bird can then spend their time happily foraging to retrieve all the goodies.

The coconut shells encourage your bird to use the holes in the Pine Cone Surprise Natural Parrot Toy to access the goodies inside.

A wood shape sits at the top and smaller bamboo wood length hang from the bottom for your Parrot to chew on, helping to keep their beak nice and trim.

Use the metal quick link provided to quickly and easily fasten this Pine Cone Surprise Natural Bird Toy onto your bird's cage or play gym stand.

Suitable for large cagebirds such as parrots or parakeets.

Length 46cm (18")
Diameter 11cm (4.25")