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Micronised Flaked Maize Loose Feed

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Whole Maize that has been cooked and rolled to increase how palatable it is,

This food is sold loosely in bags of either: 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 6kg, or 20kg.

Usage – Ducks, Chickens, Wild Birds 

Food Type – Complimentary 

Composition – Maize 

Instructions – Put on ground feeders or spread on floor or in feeders 



What is micronized flaked maize? 

Flaked Maize is produced by the process of cooking and flaking, called micronisation. This process makes the product more easily digested, It is perhaps the most palatable of all animal feeds.  

Product Description.  

Whole maize micronized then rolled into flakes that are similar in appearance to cornflakes.