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Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix 20kg

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Pasture Mix is the original oat free coarse mix, formulated to give your horse or pony sparkle without fizz.

New look with an improved formula

  • New Herbal blend of garlic, mint, basil and oregano
  • Low Protein
  • Oat Free
  • Non heating formula
  • Added L-Lysine for muscle development and maintenance.
  • Highly palatable with added mint, garlic and carrots.
  • Extra biotin and magnesium

Oatfeed, Wheatfeed, Barley, Cane molasses, Maize, Peas, Wheat, Alfalfa, Extracted sunflower, Calcium carbonate, Full fat soya, Rapeseed oil, Dicalcium phosphate, Magnesium oxide, Sodium chloride, Dried Carrots (0.3%), Potassium chloride, Mint (0.3%), Basil, Garlic Granules (0.25%), Oregano (total herbs 1%).