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Organ X Desi-Dust Moisture Removal Product 500g

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Organ-X Natural Desi-Dust is a 100% naturally derived formulation. It is non-toxic and very effective in the control of crawling insects including red mite, bed bugs, ants, fleas, spiders, as well as grain storage pests.

Desi-dust is a natural silicate powder derived from fossilised river algae, is eco-friendly and extracted under controlled conditions, so that pests can be effectively eliminated without using a toxic product. 

Organ-X Natural Desi-Dust is particularly effective in the control of red mites and bed bugs.

The product is safe to use on and around all pets and animals. 
For best results apply liberally to cracks, crevices and along the run of insects or directly to the animal. 

Leave the powder undisturbed, however the unique properties of this formulation means that if the powder gets wet it will be just as effective when it becomes dry again.