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Budgie Breeder Seed Mix Loose Seed

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A mixture of small seeds packed with energy and nutrients, this mix is perfect for feeding to small caged birds such as budgies or canaries.

This Food is sold loosely in bags of either: 500g, 1kg, 1.5kg, 3kg, or 20kg.

Usage – Budgies and can also be added to wild bird mixes 

Food Type – Complete 

Composition – Yellow millet, red millet, canary seed, soya oil 

Instructions – Feed Fresh quantities twice daily. To prevent possible contamination, do not position food under a perch, a feed container that clips to the cage wire is preferable. 


High carbohydrate mix formulated from the highest quality ingrediants, ideal for pet and breeding birds going throgh the moult.Can also be used as a base mix when supplemented with high energy budgie tonic mix once a week. 

Composition – Yellow millet, red millet, canary seed, soya oil 

Analytical Constituents – energy 2839kcals/kg, protein 9.8%, fat content 3.07%, Crude fibre 7.97, carbohydrate 71.86%