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Bonio Happy Fibre (Hi Fibre)

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What it's for
Fibre is not only an important part of your dog's diet; it can also help them with digestion. If you notice that your pooch is bloated, or has lots of wind after eating, then they might need a bit of a hand with their digestion. You should always check with your vet too, as it can also be a sign of food intolerance or allergies.
These snacks are packed full of fibre, so they can help your pet to digest and absorb their food more comfortably. There's also chicory in the biscuits, and this is a great source of energy. Giving your best friend a few treats when you're training them is also a very good way of reinforcing good behaviour, and these biscuits are perfect helping them to learn, too.
Key benefits

  • ideal for helping your pet to learn and train
  • packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • chicory provides energy and boosts healthy digestion
  • fibre for help with digestion
  • crunchy texture promotes healthy teeth and gums.

How it works
This BONIO Happy Fibre biscuit box has been developed by nutritionists to make sure your dog gets the best possible nutritional value. With lots of extra vitamins and minerals, it's a good complement to a healthy overall diet, and using these treats to reward your four-legged friend can help them to learn quickly.
Added chicory gives their system a boost of fibre, and this can help them digest their food more easily. The texture of each biscuit is also designed to remove any tartar build-up on their teeth, while the crunch helps to develop a strong jaw.