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What Is The 'More' In Pet Food Plus More?

Posted by Henry Jackson on

While we at Pet Food Plus More offer a fantastic selection of products and services related to your pets, we also offer some great deals on other things that may take your interest. 

If you rely on Butane, Propane, or Patio Gas for heating or cooking, be sure to take a look at our competitive prices. Don't forget that we are able to deliver locally or that you can collect in-store at your convenience.

Additionally, we can also sell you salt for water softening purposes, in blocks, tabs, or granules. 

And finally, don't forget your wellies! We do one of the best prices on our wellies for our area! So be sure to take a look at them if you're expecting to see lots of lovely British weather. 

So don't forget, we here at Pet Food Plus More can provide more than just pet products, all with a smile on our faces! Be sure to take a look around next time you're in one of our stores - you just might be surprised by what other things we can offer.

Hope to see you in-store soon!
Henry Jackson, Head of IT at Pet Food Plus More.







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