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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Pet Wet Food?

Posted by Henry Jackson on

It's possible that you've never considered feeding your pet wet food - after all, what is all the fuss about? Most pets seem perfectly content feeding solely on dry food, and rightly, many of them will do. Some pets may even continually turn their nose up at wet food, especially if they are not used to it. However, in reality dry food and wet food both have their own advantages, and in this article we will explore these elements to help you decide whether you will find benefit in introducing more of it into the lives of your animal companions. 

Let's begin by considering how tempting each food may be to your pet. Here, Wet food has a short-term advantage over dry food, as it is often noted that pets that seem fussy over their dry food will find wet food to be much more appealing. This is due to how wet food has a stronger smell and taste than dry food, and so the pet is more likely to be drawn towards it. This also can be helpful to those of you with more senior pets, as when animal begin to reach an elderly age their sense of smell and taste begin to decline, which can lead them to otherwise lose interest, and so more potent food must be chosen to keep them interested. However, a drawback in the regard of feeding wet food is that, unlike with dry food, wet food cannot be left out once extracted from it's packaging. This means that wet food cannot be fed ad-lib in the same fashion that many people choose to feed their pets, and that uneaten wet food cannot be saved for later, as the food will quickly become spoiled. However, if you keep your pet fed on a schedule and learn how to properly proportion the amount of food you provide, neither of these considerations will cause you any issue.

Next, we will consider the health benefits of feeding wet foods. Here, the most important aspect will always be what the food you are providing contains, as the nutritional components of the food will always have the greatest impact on your pet's health. However, wet and dry foods both have a different health advantage when provided. One one hand, Dry food is good for your pet's oral health, as when pets eat dry food it tends to get between their teeth and scrape off buildups of plaque in a way that would not occur with wet foods. On the other hand, wet food is good for keeping your pet's urinary system healthy. Many pets may not like to drink out of their owner's water bowls, and then it can become difficult to judge exactly how much water intake the pet has (this is especially the case with outdoor cats!). This dehydration can, over time, become more and more damaging to a pet's kidneys and urinary tract, which can end up with an ill pet and expensive vet bills.

Finally, let us consider the possibility of mixed feeding. Though both have their advantages and disadvantages, you do not need to choose one or the other exclusively. Rather, you can achieve the best of both by feeding your pet with a combination of both dry and wet foods. There are three things to consider here, the first of which is how you balance such a diet. It is important to ensure that you do not feed your pet too much, so as to avoid getting them overweight or obese, and as such you must be careful about the proportions of each that you are feeding them. Secondly, combining wet and dry foods will often be benefited most when they are fed separately, such as by feeding dry food in the morning and wet food at night. This will avoid situations where the pet may only eat one type of food and avoid the other. Finally, if your pet seems to have a sensitive stomach, mixed feeding might not be ideal, as this method could make them ill. Instead, it's important to keep them fed on a food friendly to sensitive stomachs, such as Arden Grange for cats or Royal Canin's hypoallergenic for dogs.

Hopefully this article has helped you to decide whether or not feeding your pet with wet foods will be of interest to you. If it has, and you would like to further browse what wet foods we have available, you can click here for wet cat foods, and here for wet dog foods. If there are still any questions you have on this topic, or any topic at all, be sure to contact us by clicking here, and we'll be happy to help in whatever way we can. 

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