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Our Wild Bird Seed - What Is The Difference Between Winter And Summer Mixes?

Posted by Henry Jackson on

Now is the time to give the wild birds in your garden some support. Be sure to visit our blog on types of wild bird food and what type of species will be drawn to your garden with each seed by clicking here. You can then make an educated purchase from our site if you so wish.

You may have viewed our selection of bird seed and noticed that we have two different types of Wild Bird Seed Mixes, one for winter and one for summer, and wondered what the difference is.

The plain and simple answer is that our winter mix has whole peanuts included, as well as a higher proportion of Chick Crumb when in comparison with our summer mix. This matches with the recommendations of the RSPB, with the winter mix being introduced as it gets colder and changing out to the summer mix as the weather starts getting warmer again.

The idea of this is that during the spring and summer many birds migrate over to have their chicks and raise them here in the UK. Whole peanuts, however, are too large for the parenting birds to feed to their chicks, and so instead of using whole peanuts we add peanut granules, which is far easier to digest and still gives the same essential nutrients.

In addition, you will find that the species of summer birds will love this mix much more, and will be much more likely to give your garden a visit. This means that you can expect this mix to attract a range of birds such as birds from the tit or chaffinch family. 

So don't forget - next time you're looking to buy wild bird seed mixes be sure to select a mix that suits the season, and you can trust us to help you make that selection. If you wish to purchase some of out winter mix wild bird seed, click here, and if you need a bird feeder for your garden, click here.

We hope you found this article informative. If you need any more questions or need help with anything else, feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you in-store again sometime soon.
Henry Jackson, Head of IT for Pet Food Plus More.


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