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Looking To Treat Or Occupy Your Dog? Read About Our Dog Chews

Posted by Henry Jackson on

There are many reasons to want to treat your dog. Maybe they need a reward for their hard work, or maybe you're training them, or maybe you just want to let them know you love them. And sometimes, you just need to keep them occupied!

It is for this reason that we here at Pet Food Plus More keep a wide range of dog chews available for your dog, but we're also here to help you find the chew they will love the most. 

If you keep a puppy or small dog, you will need a treat that isn't too big for them! Thankfully we keep a range of small, tasty chews suitable for their size. Our Chewdles Puppy Bones are perfectly sized for any puppy, and we offer Pointer Salmon, Beef, & Cheese flavoured rolls for variety, with Mini Markies proving to be our most popular treats for small dogs. If you need to keep them occupied, we also stock appropriately sized chew treats, such as Camp Fire Jerky or Mini Hide Twists, which your dog will find both tasty and entertaining. 

If you keep a medium dog, you'll still find just as much variety. Our offerings range from regularly sized Markies, Pointer Bones, Winalot Shapes, and our most popular treat, the Biscrock Gravy Bones, available in two different flavours; Original and Chicken. Chewy treats to keep them busy include Whimzee Vegetable Stars (also great for your dogs teeth!), Smart Bones, Knotted Hide Bones, and the ever-popular Pigs Ears.

And finally, if you have a large dog, you may have had issues finding them appropriately sized treats in other stores, but worry not, for we've got you covered. Our large biscuity treats include Pointer Big Bite Biscuits and Bonio Biscuits, available in either their Original or High Fibre versions. For something chewy and tough enough to withstand the destructive force of a large dog, we also offer Hide Rings, Knuckle Bones, or our huge Postmans legs! (don't worry, no postmen were harmed making them!)

If we've convinced you, be sure to look into the 'Dog Chews, Biscuits, Bones & Treats' collection on our website. And if you're not sure if we have what you want, be sure to pop in to our shops or give us a call, as we stock yet more options from what is listed in this blog post. 

Looking forwards to seeing you again in-store soon!
Henry Jackson, Head of IT at Pet Food Plus More.







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