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How To Ensure You Pick The Best Dog Coat For Your Pooch

Posted by Henry Jackson on

What a great summer it's been! We here at Pet Food Plus More hope that you've enjoyed the great weather and have used the opportunity to spend some quality time with your pets. However, as the dismal weather starts to set in dog owners will once again find themselves venturing out into the cold and the rain with their dogs. 

Now, in order to keep your dog at their happiest, you may want to invest in a dog coat for your four-legged friend. We here at Pet Food Plus More believe we can be of assistance, and can help you understand the types of dog coats available, and how best to make sure it fits your dog!

Tip - bring your dog in to one of our stores for free help with your dog coat's fitting

So, let us begin by looking at the types of dog coats you may find. They are generally separated into three different categories - ones to keep your dog warm during cold weather, weatherproof ones for wet conditions, and ones that are a combination of both. Now, which type of coat you will want the most depends a lot on you and your dog. Of course, dog coats that are both warm and weatherproof will be, for most people, the most desirable type of coat, as it will mean that you can use it for both cold and wet conditions. However, for owners with a particular concern for their dog (such as finding it important to keep the dog dry and avoid that 'wet dog smell', or for dogs that seem especially prone to the cold) one of the other two types may be more desirable, as a coat of the same quality that only addresses one of these concerns would likely be cheaper. In this sense, it makes the most sense to figure out whether you only want a coat to keep your dog dry, warm, or if you want to do both. 


Looks lovely - just make sure you don't get caught out in it!


After deciding what kind of coat you want most, there is one more important step that you must do before you make your purchase. It is important to make sure that you have properly measured your dog before you head to the shop (or website!), as when you arrive you will likely need to know which size you need. Now, many different brands use different sizing systems, but there is one universal measurement that all good brands will most likely display: neck to tail size. Fortunately, this is very easy to measure, as you may simply get a measuring tape, instruct your dog to stand up, hold the end of the tape at the nape of the dog's neck, and then bring the other side of the tape down to the base of the dog's tail (and then give your dog a treat for standing still and being good!) and make a reading. It might be a good idea to remember, or even write down, what the length is in both inches and centimeters, just in case the brand you want to buy uses a different measurement. 

Be aware when buying for Greyhounds or Whippets! - Because of the unique shape of these dogs, they need specially shaped dog coats, which may not be stocked everywhere. But don't worry, we at Pet Food Plus More do sell these coats, Such as our all-weather greyhound & whippet coats here and here, and our waterproof coat for them here.

Hopefully we have now armed you with all of the information you will need to know when considering the purchase of a dog coat. If you still have any questions, need more help selecting a dog coat, or can't find something that suits your needs, either click here to contact us, or come in to one of our store locations, where you can see the full extent of our dog coat products. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, you can see our dog coat collection by clicking here, where you can purchase for delivery or click & collect.

From me and the rest of the Pet Food Plus More team, we hope that you are able to stay dry and toasty warm this winter - and your pet too!

Henry Jackson, Head of IT for Pet Food Plus More.







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