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Fireworks Night - How To Keep Your Pets Safe And Calm

Posted by Henry Jackson on

We all love a good bonfire night with some impressive displays, but unfortunately the sounds and lights from such festivities tend to frighten most pets, as most animals we keep as pets have a greater sense of sound. This can lead many pets to have stress-induced health problems, and some even end up running away from home. In this post we will advise you how best to keep your pets calm and to make sure you can avoid disaster. 

First off, your top priority is to make sure that your pets are inside before dark, to ensure that all windows and doors remain closed at all times, and that all flaps are blocked and locked. A lot of pets, especially small animals, will prefer to hide from the commotion, but it's important to do this to make sure flighty pets don't run outside, which could end up with them getting lost. A secondary precaution against this would be to also make sure your pet has a collar and an id tag with your post code and telephone number, just in case the unexpected happens. 

If your pet instead does seem to prefer to hide, let them! Some may prefer to stick with you as your company may be what makes them feel most comfortable, but if your pet decides to hide up somewhere, don't try to coax them out, as they're just doing what eases their stress the most. If anything, offer small animals more bedding than usual so that they can bury themselves nice and deep, and with cats and dogs you can try leaving something comfortable (e.g, a cushion) near where they're hiding (if you know they have a particular hiding spot, this can be done in advance), and possibly putting a food or water bowl with them for if they stay in hiding for a long time. 

Another good way to help your pet is finding ways to reduce the amount of noise in the house. Insuring again that the doors and windows are closed will help to make sure a majority of the sound is dealt with. Drawing all of the curtains will also help to dampen the noise, and will also help to stop the lights from frightening the pet. If your pet is in a cage, then it is best to move the cage to a part of the house that is quieter, and cloths can be placed around the cage to further dampen noise (though be sure that there is sufficient ventilation!).

However, despite all of your best measures, it is still possible that your pet will get upset, depending on how close you live to the displays or how nervous they tend to get in general. Considering that such stress can lead to health problems, it is often worth considering looking into over-the-counter calming and anti-anxiety treatments specifically for your pets. Your best bet may be achieved through Anti-Anxiety drops, Homeopet Anxiety TFLN, which are amongst one of the fastest acting and most effective solutions available on the market - and we find it to be the best value-for-money product available on our site. We at Pet Food Plus More offer these and other such calming products at great prices, such as plug-in diffuser options like Feliway for cats and Adaptil for Dogs. Further, Pet Remedy products can be a great help to your pet, offering small spray bottles or wipes suitable for all animals.

To view our full range of pet calming products, click here for cats, here for dogs, or here for a general over-view for all pets. 

We wish you and your pets the best of festivities this year, just don't forget to stay warm and safe!

Henry Jackson, Head of IT for Pet Food Plus More.







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