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Buying A Little At A Time - Food Mixers And Small Quantities

Posted by Henry Jackson on

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to buy some food in a small quantity. Whether it's for budgetary reasons, to try your pet on something new, you're looking after someone else's pet for a weekend, or if you need it for a dog food mixer (Confused? Click here to read about the use of dog food mixers), buying in small quantities is important to many people.

We at Pet Food Plus More understand this, and so we have made sure to stock plenty of food that we can sell in small amounts - whether that's only 500 grams, one kilogram, or maybe three kilograms. Whatever quantity best suits you, it is likely that we will be able to fulfill it. 

The best way to check what we sell loosely is to check the (dry) food section for the pet you are buying for on our website. If a weight (e.g. 15kg) is not displayed next to the name of a food product, that means that it is something that we can sell in different weights. If you click onto the product, you can also see in a drop down box the different weights that we sell it at. Alternatively, if you visit one of our stores you can ask the staff what we can sell small amounts of - there will be a section of both of our shops where we keep these bags, both sealed or open, for your perusal. 

Take our 'Masters Dog & Puppy', for example. It's a great option for puppies, new mothers, or dogs with high nutritional needs. If you want to try your dog on it to see if they like it, you can buy it in a quantity of 500 grams, 1 Kilogram, or 3 Kilograms! And, of course, it is possible to mix these orders together to meet your required quantity. For example, ordering one 500 grams and one 1 kilogram will get you 1.5 kilograms. 

If you're still confused or would like to inquire more about this process, feel free to get into contact with us by clicking here, and we'll be more than happy to help.

Hoping to see you in-store again soon.
Henry Jackson, Head of IT at Pet Food Plus More.







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